Terms and Conditions

By undertaking your training with On Your Bike Cycle training you agree to the following:


I  understand that:


It is my  responsibility to ensure that my bicycle is roadworthy before attending the  training session. If in any doubt concerning this I will consult a qualified
Cycle Mechanic.


The Instructor(s) may refuse to train me if my bike is not roadworthy. Their
decision is final. I will not be entitled to a refund if the training session
cannot proceed due to an unroadworthy bike.


Instructors employed by  On Your Bike Cycle training are not
obliged to carry out repairs to make an unroadworthy bike,


I accept  that the Instructors may at any time refuse to continue to train me if my behaviour or ability level is deemed to be unsuitable.


I  understand that On Your Bike Cycle Training does not accept injury or loss  or damage to any property not caused by an instructor’s


I understand that having taken training it does not necessarily follow that it is
safe for me to ride a bicycle. To become proficient takes much more practice
than lessons of this kind can provide.


I am  responsible for deciding to wear a helmet during my Lesson.

If I wear  a helmet it is must fit properly.


I am responsible for any injury that may occur as a
consequence of wearing, or not wearing a helmet.


If I do decide to wear a cycle helmet it will conform
to one of the following standards. BS6863, AS2063.86, ANSIZ90.4, SNELL B90 or  B95.


I undertake to make the instructors aware of any medical condition I have which may adversely affect the training.


I understand that personal details held by On Your Bike Cyle Training may be given to the organisation that is in whole or in part  paying for my lesson and that the organisation may contact me to ask for details  of the lesson.


I understand that occasionally it may be necessary to  take images of those undertaking cycle training and that they may be used for  publicity purposes.


I undertake to wear suitable clothing for the  prevailing weather conditions expected during my lesson.


Instructors are not at liberty to amend the terms of  this consent form.


I understand this consent form must be accepted before  a training session commences and that a training session cannot take place if  these terms and conditions are not agreed too.


This consent form applies to any training organised by On Your Bike Cycling training.


Cancellation Policy


Bad Weather


If bad weather prevents the lesson taking place we may reschedule at no further cost.


If the trainee cancels the lesson within three working days of the lesson taking place the fee will be fully chargeable.


Gift Vouchers are to be used within 12 months from date of purchase.


A bikeability course or cycling lesson booked must be completed within a three month period of booking form being received.


Please note that there may be an additional travelling charge for courses more than 20 miles from where an instructor lives. You will be advised of any such charge at time of booking which is payable to the instructor on the day of the training. This fee is waived if more than one trainee is booked on a course.


Dispute procedure


Please contact us by email or phone 07766254439 if you are unhappy
with any aspect of your lesson




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