Complete Beginner Training

Never learnt to ride a bike as a child?  Struggling to get your child to ride a bike?  Thinking of riding a bike but you are unable to?  Tried before but nothing worked?  The good news is that it is never too late to learn to ride a bike and enjoy all the benefits and freedom on two wheels.


On Your Bike Cycle Training specializes in training complete beginners including both children and adults.  Yes, we can certainly help and have much experience training complete beginners.


Complete Beginners Training is the most popular training booked through On Your Bike Cycle training where we come out to you and deliver the training in a traffic free environement.


The cost is £80-00 for the two lessons.  One lesson is completed and then a follow up lesson a week later.  You  can book and pay online though our website On Your Bike Cycle Training, UK - Book a Cycle Training Course Online


We can come out to you to deliver the training.  Once you complete the booking form you can provide your prefered dates for the training.


A parent had the following to say:  'Hi Mike Thank you so much for the training  You have been so helpful, I will never know how you managed to do this in two sessions'   I had nearly given up hope, to be honest.  Me and various other firends and family members who have attempted to help Lydia learn how to ride a bike in the past:)


We'll keep on practising and we will be in touch when we are confident enough to do bikeability level 1.  


Thank you again.  Best Wishes.'

What is different about

On Your Bike Cycle Training?  Unlike other Bikeability providers, we offer cycle training to individuals and groups on Weekends. The training can be delivered at either 11am or 2pm and each session takes around 2 hours for 1:1 training.  The training is delivered on quite roads by experienced accredited cycle instructors.  We can train up to six on a course so why not get the whole family or friends to join you on a course.  Please see our News and special offers as a discount is offered on more than two trainees booked on a course.  Need individual training or not sure what training you need why not book a cycling lesson - our instructors would be delighted to help you.  If you then decided you would like further training you can then simply book further cycling lessons of up to four hours.


On Your Bike Cycle Training would be delighted to help you and your family get on your bike!